Jupitertechs, Software and Web Development, Technology Training

Software and Web Development

At JupiterTechs, we follow the Agile approach at all stages of development, from planning, to execution, to training and support. A cornerstone of this approach is incremental delivery, with the customer involved at every step of the way.

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Internet Marketing and Training

JupiterTechs offers multi-channel digital marketing services on a number of leading platforms. Our targeted and expertly designed marketing campaigns ensure that our customers reach the right audience with effective messages certain, to resonate.
Services offered include creation, implementation, and management of social media, email marketing, and pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

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Technical Training

We know that you are better at understanding and utilizing technology than you think. Our hands-on training programs raise your potential to use technology to grow your business. We offer onsite training and remote desktop support to guide you every step of the way.

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Partners with the Small and  Medium Sized Businesses

We’re a driven, versatile technology company born and based in sunny South Florida. Our highly motivated staff pride themselves on delivering top quality products and solutions and excellent customer support. We place the quality of our customer relationships over quantity, as a satisfied customer is a long-term, repeat customer.

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