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Who is JupiterTechs?

JupiterTechs is an all-service technology company focusing on customer web technology needs, custom development, and even a few products of our own.  On the tech support front, we provide a... read more →

Peace of Mind: For Parents Too

These five steps are HUGE in laying a foundation for knowledge and wisdom, for trust and safety. So if you’re on our site, you are seeking—or have found!—greater peace of... read more →

A Challenge

What would it be like if, when you walked through the door in the evening, you put away your phone and turned off your iPad, and didn’t pick them back... read more →

Changing the Way We Talk

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the ways that technology is changing our brains, changing our bodies, our societies.  And for anyone who’s tried to engage with someone... read more →

WordPress Love

Welcome to 2014, where you are in charge of your technology! Recently Larry was invited to speak at a meeting of a local computer club called PC Rams, specifically on how and... read more →

Play It Safe, Everybody!

We tend to put far too much trust in the Internet and other people online, but the simple truth is, there are lots of dishonest, unethical, and just plain creepy... read more →