Meet the Management Team at Jupitertechs

We’re a driven, versatile technology company born and based in sunny South Florida. Our highly motivated staff pride themselves on delivering top quality products and solutions and excellent customer support. We place the quality of our customer relationships over quantity, as a satisfied customer is a long-term, repeat customer.

Larry Hussey

CEO and Software Architect

Larry, the Owner of Jupitertechs, is a United States Marine Corps veteran and graduate of Florida Atlantic University, with a degree in Computer Science. He brings more than a decade’s worth of experience in the software engineering field to serve his clients in their plan of growth. He loves the beach, practicing yoga, and volunteering in his community. A vital part of his personal mission is to equip parents with tools to keep their children safe on the internet.

Internet Marketing90%
App Development80%
Software Architecture92%
Bianka Hussey-Hain - Co-Founder and President

Bianka Hussey-Hain

Operations and HR Director

Bianka holds a degree in Hotel Management and has worked for a large corporation as the International Operations Manager. She opened, managed, and served as a trainer at several customer care centers and warehouses in Europe. She enjoyed being event management and operations, as well as dealing with the staff and clients. Being raised in East Germany, Bianka considers Florida paradise. She enjoys traveling and the great outdoors with her husband and two sons.

Content Management90%
Project Management99%

Thomas Mainville

VP of Business Development and Marketing

Tom holds a masters degree from Florida Atlantic University in Computer Science.  He has over a decade of leading corporate development teams.  His entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive him to develop new technology business.  Tom’s love for technology is only matched by his love of comic books…wrestling…oh and there is Disney.

Business Development100%
Software Development100%
Internet Marketing100%

Mission and Guiding Principles

We want to demystify the world of internet technology or IT, to reclaim it as an honest, reliable, trustworthy industry. If you have experienced technology issues and problems, we want to help you with a new experience. We take the mystery out of technology, put a personal name and face on it, while earning your confidence and trust, and taking away your anxiety and exhaustion.

Our mission as your partner means that:

  • Your technology team is focused on building your business. We’re not a distant, removed “consultant/contractor.”
  • You’ll feel confident in the integrity and skill of your technology team.
  • You’ll be able to turn over your technology worries to someone else, rather than spending your time and energy on it yourself.
  • You will pay a fair price and get your money’s worth on every project.
  • Your support will be round-the-clock, reliable, responsive, and easy-to-understand.
  • Your technology projects will be ordered, organized, and clear—not chaotic, incomprehensible, or overwhelming.
  • You will experience personal relationships and personal contact.
  • You will benefit from our commitment to improving the world—and the lives lived within it—through technology.

We create applications and software, perform internet marketing and technical support, and train you and your employees on programs, software, and technology. And we do all of this as your partner, not your contractor: this means we are always here for you, always thinking of you, and always accessible.

  • No more unanswered voicemails.
  • No more unanswered emails.
  • No more wasted time worrying about security.
  • No more paying astronomical fees for existing technology services because you feel you have to.
  • No more wondering if your IT professionals are doing right by you, charging you fairly, and doing what needs to be done.